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Podcast – Putting Your Business On The Map

This is the web page for Landon’s podcast about running a small business. The podcast is entitled “Putting Your Business On The Map”.

About The Podcast

Putting Your Business On The Map is a podcast that shares advice on running small businesses and organizations. The advice is tailored for land surveyors and GIS professionals. (Other related professionals, like civil engineers and architects – may also benefit.)

The advice in the podcast is drawing from my own experience as a licensed land surveyor, survey manager, and small business owner. I also share select advice from my friends, mentors, books and magazines.

The goal of the podcast is to help land surveyors be better organization leaders, not just good land surveyors.



This podcast is dedicated to Kevin Genasci and Dave Wooley. They are the two (2) people I most commonly call for business advice.

I also want to acknowledge the following people or organizations for their contributions to my growth as a business owner:

  • My business partners Dani Cano and Brian Leiser. Brian encourages me to explore beyond the castle wall. Dani reminds me the work inside the castle wall pays this month’s rent. With them both, I find balance.
  • Russ Roberts and Econtalk. They taught me about the power of incentives and bottom-up (instead of top-down).
  • Harvard Business Review. I don’t believe everything in the pages of this magazine, but there is no other source that provokes stimulating thought about how to run and lead organizations.

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