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About Taught By A Surveyor

Landon Blake started Taught By A Surveyor Dot Org during the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak Lockdown. During this time most kids were home from school. He started the web site to help parents who were teaching there kids during this time. Landon’s goal with Taught By A Surveyor Dot Org is to make math and geography easier to understand. He works to achieve this student understanding by:

  1. Showing how land surveyors apply the concepts of math and geography in there everyday work.
  2. Making sure he teaches each concept or idea with a video or other visual aid.
  3. Helping parents and kids realize the power of basic computer programming.
  4. Acknowledging it is silly to ask kids to do repetitive long-hand calculations. These calculations are better done by a computer.
  5. Showing kids how to create computer programs based on the concepts they’ve learned.
  6. Understanding that math isn’t a natural skill for all kids, that kids struggle with math, and that showing kids how to use math as a tool helps them improve their math skills.

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