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I have a set of videos and exercises designed to teach kids about math and geography. You will find those learning resources on the “Taught By A Surveyor” page.

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My Bio

The Early Days

I was born in Fremont, California to my parents, Randy and Julie Blake. I grew up with my Irish twin, Josh. My dad worked in heavy construction, and we regularly moved with his projects. By the time I was a teenager I had lived in California, Oregon, Nevada and Montana and had visited most states west of the Rocky Mountains.

When I was 12 my family moved permanently to Northwest Montana. My parents bought a property and built a home about 2 miles outside of Glacier National Park and the confluence of the North Fork and Middle Fork of the Flathead River. I would remain in Montana until I graduated college 10 years later.

Growing Up In Northwest Montana

I received my Driver’s license at 15 and my GED at 16. I started working full-time at Safeway in Whitefish, Montana. A couple of years later I also picked up a job working seasonally at the Big Mountain Ski Resort. I enrolled in the land surveying program at Flathead Valley Community College when I was 19 and graduated with my Associate of Applied Science degree 3 years later.

Surveying In California

When I was 22, I moved to Stockton, California to take my first job as a land surveyor. I married my wife Monique, a Stockton native, about a year later. I spent the next 12 years working as a land surveyor at KSN Engineering in Stockton.

After leaving KSN, I worked as a senior land surveyor or mapping department manager at O’Dell Engineering in Modesto, Hawkins Engineering in Modesto, Guida Land Surveying in Dublin, and BKF Engineering in Lathrop. I left BKF to start my own small land surveying and land use planning company, Redefined Horizons. I’m still married to Monique, the Stockton native I met when I was 22.

Fun Stuff

I’ve never been accused of having too much fun. My friend Brent Boitano once said: “You’re the most practical 23 year old I’ve ever met.”

However, I do like hiking and enjoy landscape photography. I also enjoy graphic design and computer programming. I love kids, dogs, teaching, geometry, trigonometry, geography and (of course) land surveying.

Volunteer Work

I’m currently the President of the California Land Surveyors Association Central Valley Chapter. I serve on the ACEC California Land Surveyors Committee and the ACEC National Risk Management Committee.

In the past, I’ve served as the President of the ACEC California Sierra Chapter, the California Land Surveyors Association Magazine Editor, the Editor of the OSGeo Journal, and a chaplain at the California Youth Authority Prisons in Stockton.