“The City of Manteca Engineering Department did not have a city wide inventory of all the recorded centerline monuments.  The City met with Landon to determine the best solution for this project and he developed a simple and efficient solution. Landon proposed to develop map books and a GIS (Geographic Information System) file the City could use to quickly view and research the centerline monuments.   Landon lead the survey team to do research on approximately 2,500 monuments.  He directed the GIS team to integrate the survey data into GIS .  The delivered inventory products were map books and a GIS file of the survey monuments with the following information, locations, recorded document ID, type and condition.  Landon delivered the product on time and within budget.”

Alfredo Mijango
City of Manteca Public Works Department

“I have had the pleasure to work with Landon Blake in the past for several years; we worked on construction staking, topography, and boundary projects together. Landon has been a wonderful mentor to me and I owe most of my surveying knowledge to him. He is an extremely dedicated, reliable, and motivated worker with great attention to detail. Landon is a very talented and bright surveyor and is an asset to any team he works with.”

Jason Tokheim
Lumos & Associates

“Landon Blake is an amazing resource and wonderful colleague. Landon led a team of volunteers to repeatedly assist me and my students on our 3D laser scanning of Mission San Miguel for a structural monitoring project. He patiently taught us not just techniques for successful scanning but also about the bigger picture of surveying and documenting. Landon also made a separate trip to USF to give a talk about scanning and the building profession, which is an invaluable insight for students of architecture.”

Hana Böttger
Associate Professor of Architecture & Community Design

“Landon is very involved with the professional society, passionate about land surveying, innovative and resourceful in solving challenges, and conscientious in dealing with others.”

Rob McMillan

“Landon gives back to his profession through many non-profit spatial projects, even offering his free time to help prepare up and coming Surveyors. He is very active in his community and is great to work with.”

George Ball
San Francisco Public Utility Commission

“Landon and KSN have provided our company with land surveying services as part of levee improvement work in the City of Stockton. I’ve also worked with Landon and KSN on other water supply and flood control projects. He has an enjoyable and outgoing personality and proivdes excellent service to his clients. Landon and KSN are one of finest surveying teams we work with and I encourage you to work with Landon and KSN if you have the opportunity.”

Barry O’Regan
PBI – Water Engineers

“Over the past several years, it has been my pleasure to interact with Landon through the Central Valley Chapter of the California Land Surveyors Association as well as through collaborative work with Hawkins and Associates Engineering, Inc. I have found Landon to be organized, articulate and conscientious. Landon’s ability effectively communicate and delegate, his in-depth knowledge of surveying, engineering, and geographic information systems management, and obvious zeal for the profession make him a natural fit for managing surveying personnel and projects while working with associated professionalsand clients of all backgrounds.”

Kevin Genasci
SEI – Consulting Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Landscape Architects

“Landon is a great person to work with, he’s fun, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. He works hard and spends his time reading often about everything that he is interested in, and because of this he is like a jack of all trades!  He was a great mentor to me because he truly cares about the success of everyone he works with.  He is also really active in his communities and is a top contributor in every  organization he is apart of.”

Jackie Va
KSN Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors

“I worked under Landon’s supervision at O’Dell Engineering. His passion for the industry showed in the quality of his work, and his ability to engage and mature young professionals was something that always stood out to me; mainly because not many senior professionals take the time nor do they care about involving in the younger workforce—for the overall development of the industry. I am appreciative to this day to still call him a mentor of mine.”

Hailey Lang
Transportation Planner, Carson City Public Works

“I’ve known Landon for years and worked with him on many occasions.  He is a great guy to work with and always does a thorough and excellent job.  I’m constantly impressed by his ability to turn around the most difficult jobs quickly.  I couldn’t recommend him more.”

Dominic Signorotti
Attorney at Law Buchman
Provine Brothers Smith LLP

“I worked with Scott Landon Blake at Kjeldsen, Sinnock and Neudeck, Inc. (KSN) for approximately nine years. During that time Landon conducted himself in a professional manor when dealing with clients
and co-workers. His dedication to his work still impresses me to this day. The effort and hours Landon puts into his projects to make sure they are completed correctly and on-time is nothing shy of exceptional.”

“During our time at KSN, Landon worked to design and implement GIS to track the levee improvements and maintenance for our Reclamation District clients. This process included the design and development of a linear reference system and levee inventory. The GIS design also included the creation and development of a tablet based data collection system for our levee patrols and maintenance projects. Our in-house inspectors would use this system as well as our clients which allowed both parties to see all levee inspection information in one location which helped eliminate duplicate inspections. Landon then created a custom reporting database to house all the levee patrol and maintenance activities using Jasper Reports.”

“Landon’s GIS work for KSN’s Clients proved to be an invaluable process that helped us streamline necessary work and gave us the ability to better serve our clients in a more efficient manner.”

Kim Maynard
Principal Accountant
Schrader Mechanical

“It’s a true pleasure working with Landon. Landon has wealth of information when it come to surveying. He loves to work on large and challenging projects. Landon is a problem solver and always thinks out of the box and makes recommendations if there are any survey challenges. He is very energetic and pleasant to work with. Landon will be an asset to any company that he works for.”

Omar Al-Hindi
Associate Civil Engineer
City of Stockton