The Stanislaus River Off Highway 4
The Stanislaus River Off Highway 4


I’ve enjoyed landscape photography for several years. I’m still learning a great deal about photography, and I’ve been humbled by how difficult it is to capture a great photograph. Most of my good shots seem to result more from random chance than skill or understanding of the photography craft.

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My Camera and Equipment

My current camera is a Canon EOS 70D. (My very first DSLR was a Canon Rebel XSI.) I shoot with three lenses. I use four (4) lenses. I shoot most frequently with the standard Canon 18mm to 55mm lens. I have a Canon 75mm to 300mm zoom lens. I’ve got a back-up Canon 55 to 200mm zoom lens. My one specialty lens is a Rokinon 8mm fixed focal length fish eye lens. I shoot most of my landscape photos on a Manfrotto tripod.

My Photo Post-Processing

All of my landscape photos are digitally post-processed. I start with white balance adjustments and other minor tweaks in Canon Digital Photography Professional. Then I most commonly create HDR images in HDRSOFT Photomatix Pro. HDR images are then improved in Adobe Lightroom. From Adobe Lightroom I usually make adjustments in four (4) Topaz Labs Plug-Ins. I start with Topaz Labs Clean, move to Topaz Labs Adjust, and finish with Topaz Labs Simplify. For black and white photo conversions I use Topaz Black and White Effects.

Locations Of My Photography

Most of my landcape photography is from the Central Sierra Nevada Foothills and Mountains. My photo road trips are most frequently on Highway 4 and Highway 108, but I also travel on Highway 88, Highway 89, Highway 120, and Highway 395. My favorite Sierra Nevada spots are the Carson Iceberg Willderness and the Mokelumne Wilderness. I will occasionally head over to the California Central Coast for photos when I’m snowed out of the Sierra Nevada. My favorite Central Coast photo spots are Garrapata State Park, Lime Kiln State Park, Point Lobos, Point Reyes and Monterey Bay.