Interview With Photographer Matthew Youngberg

Today I’m happy to introduce Flickr Photographer Matthew Youngberg. In this post I’ll share a brief interview with Matthew and will show you a few of his excellent landscape photographs.

1) How did you get involved in photography?

I always enjoyed photography, but never got serious
until last year. I still have so much to learn, but I feel I’ve made a lot of
improvement already.

2) What attracts you to landscape photography over other types of photography?

I love the outdoors, even though I’m a city guy. I
think nature is more aesthetically pleasing than anything humankind can
produce. Plus it’s great to get out in nature, especially places more out of
the way and quiet.

3) What is your favorite camera/lens combo for landscape photography?

My only camera right now is the Sony NEX 5R and I like
using the Zeiss 24MM most of the time. It seems to be the way I see and I
usually only change it because I physically can’t get to the proper position
for the shot.

4) What post-processing software do you use and what steps do you follow in your post-processing workflow?

I’m using Apeture currently and I’m still deciding
on software for HDR or whether I want to use it. I usually tweak the shadow and
highlight sliders along with saturation and vibrancy. I try not to do too much,
as there is a fine line where you can go overboard, especially with HDR. Plus
I’ll crop and/or retouch where necessary.

5) What tips would you offer to the rookie landscape photographer?

  • Tripod, tripod, tripod. It doesn’t take that much more
    time or weight.
  • A circular polarizer and graduated neutral density filters
    are quite helpful and can cut down post production time.
  • Use colored filtersfor black and white.
  • Look out for the smaller scenes as well, nature has so much to show.

I want to thank Matthew for his willingness to do the interview and to let me share a few of his photos. I look forward to highlighing more of his beautiful landscape images on my blog in the near future.

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