Land Use Planning Volunteer Needed

I recently took on the role as chairperson of the ACEC California Land Use Committee. I’m looking for a volunteer intern that can help me run the committee. The intern would assist with the following tasks:

  1. Tracking local and state legislation related to land use planning and CEQA.
  2. Tracking California court decisions related to land use planning and CEQA.
  3. Organizing feedback from ACEC California members on land use planning policies and decisions that impact their projects and businesses.
  4. Interview local government officials and other land use planning experts on legislation and policy.
  5. Help develop ACEC policy statements related to land use planning and environmental issues.
  6. Preparing for committee meetings.
  7. Preparing meeting minutes.
  8. Preparing a regular newsletter.
  9. Maintaining the ACEC land use committee web site.

This would be a great position for a land use planning, land surveying, or geography student that wanted a bit of practical experience with public policy and research. If you are interested in volunteering, please send a resume and short cover letter to or