Inc Magazine: The Entrepreneur As Employee Steward

The November 2015 Issue of Inc Magazine has a couple of interesting observations about the relationship between employees and employers in our modern economy.

The first observation is this: “Odds are, you started your company because you wanted to drive your own destiny, or because you had an idea you just had to try, or because you saw an opportunity for financial success and grabbed it. It wasn’t because you wanted to be responsible for a bunch of other people’s well-being. But like it or not, that’s what you’ve become.”

This observation touches on a powerful truth: It is very hard to run a successful business in our modern economy without accepting a serious responsibility to care for the needs of the people that work for you. Time and again I see business owners who fail to accept this responsibility, to the detriment of their organizations and their communities.

The article goes on to mention an argument of Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor of organizational behavior at Stanford. He says that a willingness to be a good steward of other people’s lives” out to be recognized as an essential trait of true leaders.

I couldn’t agree more.