The Economist Magazine: Applications of Drones Outside Commerce

The September 26, 2015 Issue of Economist Magazine has an article entitled “Welcome to the Drone Age” that talks about the unexpected rise in the number of drones being used around the world. The article has a small section about the use of drones outside the world of commerce that I found interesting. It talked about the different ways drones are being used in the world of academia. The uses of drones by institutes of higher education mentioned in the article include these:

  1. Geographers are using drones to track erosion, follow changes in rivers, and inspect glaciers.
  2. Archaeologists and historians are using drones to map ancient ruins and earthworks.
  3. Drones are being used to observe hard to reach places like volcano craters and the inside of caves.

The article also discusses how drones are being used by municipal governments and criminals. It provides a great snapshot of all the areas in life, outside of commerce, that may be impacted greatly by these little flying robots.