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Survey Tech Training

You can find resources for land surveyor technician on this page. These resources include videos of my whiteboard training talks and sample exams. The sample exams are created to help land surveyors past the certified surveyor technician exams and the LSIT exam.

Sample Survey Tech Exams

Each of the survey tech exams has 10 to 15 questions. The exams are intended to test the knowledge you need to pass the CST or LSIT exams. All of the sample exams have an answer key that can be downloaded separately. Many of the exams have an exam summary that tell you the knowledge area and approximate testing level of each question.

Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 2

Landon's Whiteboard Training Videos

In each of these whiteboard training videos I try to teach my teal at a high level about a single surveying topic or concept.

Basics Of California State Plane Coordinates For Land Surveyors

Basics Total Station Operations

Basics Of Survey Control For Construction And Downtown Boundary Survey Bust
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