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The October 2015 Issue of Software Development Times Magazine has an article entitled "Drones: The Sky's The Limit" that talks about trends in software development for drones. One trend of note in the article is the emergence of Linux as the operating system of choice for drone hardware. According to the article, drone control systems are moving towards integration with Linux. The open source software community for drones is even gaining some formal structure. Dronecode is an open source UAV platform within the Linux Foundation.

Rock on Linux. Glad to see your being used on board drones!


The October 25, 2015 Issue of Bloomberg Businessweek has an article entitled “Mapping America's Disgusting Waterways”. The article described how Google is helping the non-profit Freshwater Trust map and photograph rivers in America. The non-profit is using Google Trekker to take the same type of imagery that is captured for roads in Google Streetview. Once the imagery is captured in the field, it is used in the office to assess river conditions. The craft that cares the Google Trekker also captures other sensor data inlcuding water tempature and the level of oxegon in the water.

This is an awesome example of how sensor platforms, remote sensing, and GIS are being solved to help analyze and solve real world problems. Very cool!

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