January 1, 2020

Writing a Book For 2020

I've been thinking about writing a book for a few years now. There is a lot of things I've learned the hard way in the last 20 years of my career that I would like to share with others. If I do write a book in 2020, it will be short, and I will write just a few pages each week. (Short books are better.)

I'll be doing my own writing, editing, and layout (although I might hire a bit of help with the editing and layout).

Here are a few features I plan to include with the book:

  • The book will be distributed primarily as a PDF. However, there will be a audio version of each chapter and I'll try to include a video with each chapter where it makes sense.
  • There will probably be a study guide and sample tests/exercises in a separate document so the books could be used as part of a course.
  • I'm thinking the book will be released for free under the XXX. This includes related formats (audio and video), any templates, and any example work products or data sets. (I don't need more money...I need to spend more time in the mountains doing landscape photography.) I might ask for donations from working professionals to cover the cost of hiring help with editing and layout, but don't need to make a profit.
  • Any and all source code that accompanies the book will also be released under the GPL or LGPL.

You can help me choose what book to write in 2020! I have many ideas, but can't write them all. Use this form to tell me which one you would most want to read this year:

I'll try to post here again with the results of the poll, the book idea that gets the most votes, and a web page on this site where interested readers can track my progress.

Not promising I will get to this project in 2020! I'm just giving it serious consideration at this point.