Landscape Photographer Edward Boudreau

Today I’m pleased to introduce my readers to Photographer Ed Boudreau. Ed features some of his great landscape photography on ViewBug. One of his landscape shots is above, and a couple more are shown at the end of this post. (You can see his ViewBug profile for more examples of his work.) I especially appreciate Ed’s mountain photography.

Here is the interview I had with Ed:

1) How did you get involved in photography?  

My Father used to have a dark room in our cellar and I was always fascinated with how he was able to produce images, but I really did not get too involved until after I retired from the Air Force back in 2010.  Having the free time and living in Alaska has allowed me to get out and explore and learn.

2) What is your favorite camera/lens combo?  

For awhile I was hooked on using my 16-35 L on my Canon 5D MarkIII, I really enjoyed trying to capture the full DOF it offered.  Then I started really concentrating on landscape photography and use my 28-105 L for most of those shots…especially when I produce panoramic images.

3) What software do you use for post-processing? What is your post-processing workflow?

I do most of my post processing in Aperture and use FXPro plug-ins (color,b&w and sometimes HDR) as well as noiseware and I am just getting the hang of masking through CS6.

4) What tips would you offer to rookie photographers?

Great question and kinda hard for me to answer as I feel I am still that rookie…Best advice I would give is… Shoot what you want and be honest with yourself, and when setting up a shot, take some time to look behind you.  Some of my favorite shot are those I did not intend to get.

5) If you could change one thing about your own photography, what would it be?

Stepping out of my comfort zone (landscape, as I’m usually the only one out there) and try shooting more abstract, macro and people.

6) What type of photography technology most excites you?

Though way out of my price range, I would love the chance to try Gigapanning.