Inc Magazine: Fire Up Your Workers With a Workspace Redesign

The November 2015 Issue of Inc Magazine has an article entitled “Inspired By Design” that offers suggestions on how to fire up the imagination of your workers by rethinking their work space. The article offers these tips for your workspace redesign:

  1. Go Green
  2. Give Each Space a Purpose
  3. Give People Control

Of these 3 tips, I liked the second one the best. Here is a great quote from the article on that second tip:

“Your employees probably don’t want to work, eat lunch, take phone calls land have prolonged discussions all in the same place. So create specific areas for eating, for meetings, and for focused work.”

This is an excellent observation about worker behavior. I’d much rather eat lunch with a couple of coworkers in a comfortable and dedicated lunch area than spend any more time chained to my desk.

The article also suggests having a large central space or smaller drop-in nooks where employees can have a conversation without disrupting the work of other team members.